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Dual Credit Pipeline #

The ACP Dual Credit Pipeline is designed as a sustainable approach to ensure that all Indiana teachers offering dual credit courses on and after Sept 1, 2025, are eligible, trained, supported, and delivering the highest quality college course. To accomplish this objective, the Pipeline combines IU graduate coursework with ongoing programmatic support that matches expectations of the on-campus department/academic unit, and Higher Learning Commission.

You can learn more about the Dual Credit Pipeline, view available courses and deadlines, and access the application form on the Dual Credit Pipeline website.

Dual Credit Pipeline website

HLC qualifications for dual credit instructors #

To be considered for the IU Dual Credit Pipeline, you must fall into at least one of the categories listed below.

Description Details
Model #1: Master's Degree in dual credit discipline complete

  • Includes MAT if coursework includes 18 graduate hours in dual credit discipline
  • Additional requirements may be stipulated by IU academic department
Model #2: Master’s Degree in other field + 18 graduate hours in dual credit discipline completed
  • Qualifying graduate courses determined by IU academic departments
  • Additional requirements may be stipulated by IU academic department
Model #3: Enrollment in approved IU graduate credential; training and instruction under direct supervision by IU faculty*
  • Qualifying IU graduate programs determined by IU
  • Additional requirements may apply (i.e., IU may determine minimum # of terms enrolled prior to course delivery)

Although most current ACP instructors will have completed graduate coursework necessary to meet Model 1 or 2 before September 2023, instructors who join the program close to or beyond this date can participate through Model 3. These instructors must be enrolled in and pursuing an approved IU graduate program and will teach ACP courses under direct supervision of IU faculty. Instructors participating via Model 3 are provided supervision and training that includes and exceeds that provided on-campus graduate instructors.

A discipline is defined as a branch of instruction, knowledge, or learning. It is the smallest administrative structural unit that has a shared responsibility for curriculum and faculty.