Application process

Application materials #

In order to apply you will need to upload five files. PDF or DOC are the preferred file types. Each of the five items in the application allows only one file upload. Transcripts should be combined into one pdf.

  1. Current resume
    Please include your teaching history and more specifically the courses you are teaching and have taught in the academic discipline of the course you are applying for.
  2. List of courses taken in the discipline
    Include course number, title, and grade. For instance, if you were applying for an English course, you would include all English courses or if you are applying for POLS-Y 103 Intro to American Politics, you would provide a list of all political science courses.
  3. Transcripts
    They may be unofficial. They must be legible.
  4. Personal statement
    Address these questions: How do you differentiate honors or advanced courses from their regular college preparatory counterparts? What instructional strategies do you employ to help students master especially challenging topics or skills? How are college courses in your discipline different from high school courses in the discipline? Since college, how have you expanded your content knowledge?
  5. Course Materials
    The materials (lessons, a syllabus, etc.) should be things you have created related to the discipline that demonstrate a high level of rigor.

Application form #

You can complete the application form to become an ACP Instructor using the link below. 

New Instructor Application

Disciplines with additional application requirements #

The following ACP disciplines have additional requirements for new applicants.

Application help #

For any queries regarding your application, email Kristal Arsenault, Associate Director.