Important ACP-specific grading details #

Before submitting your grades, please carefully review the following information for grading ACP courses. If you have any questions about grading, please contact

How to enter final grades #

Important: As you enter your course grades, click the green "save" button often to avoid losing work.

  1. Use your IU login credentials to sign into the IU Faculty Center.

    Note: You can access the Faculty Center by searching in If you log into, you can also click the heart icon on your favorite items so they will appear in your favorites at the top of the page.

  2. Once the Faculty Center is open, you should see a list of your current classes* along with the link to the Class Roster for each. The Grade Roster link is included as the end of the term gets closer.
  3. Click the Grade Roster link for your class in order to enter grades.

* The Faculty Center shows classes for the current term by default. If it is spring and you are teaching a year-long class, you will need to click the yellow Change Term or Campus button near the top center of the screen and change the term to Fall in order to access the class listing and rosters.

Deadlines for final grades #

Final grades are due no later than seven days after the course is completed, and before the IU deadline for each semester. You can view the specific deadlines for the current academic year on the course registration timeline.

Course registration timeline

Additional help with entering final grades #

For a full walkthrough of the grade entering process, reference the IU Knowledge Base article Use the Faculty Center to enter grades into your grade roster.

View the Knowledge Base article

Extended X-Policy #

Indiana University students are provided the opportunity to remove a grade from the calculation of their cumulative IU GPA by repeating the course and petitioning to apply the Extended-X policy. Through application of this policy, the previous letter grade will be fully replaced with an “X” and will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Note: ACP does not facilitate the Extended-X policy. Students may retake ACP courses with the intent to have their initial grade replaced but will need to follow up with their academic advisor once they are officially IU students after high school graduation.

Visit for more information and rules pertaining to the IU Extended-X Policy.

eGrade Change Request #

This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to change a student’s grade. Note: Grades can only be changed once they have been approved and posted to student records by the Registrar.

  • Log into
  • Select the Faculty Center task.
  • Term will default to the current IU term. Click the yellow ‘Change Term or Campus’ button at the top center and change term to appropriate term.
  • Click the eGrade Change link listed beside the correct course.
  • The list of students with a grade for that class will be displayed. Select the correct student from the list.
  • Select the new grade from the Change Course Grade to: drop down list.
  • Select a reason for the grade change from the Select Reason for Grade Change drop down menu. This is a required field.
  • Add a note in the Rationale for grade change text box. This is a required field. This should be a brief statement – e.g. “Error when calculating grade,” “Errantly reported wrong grade”
  • If displayed, review the Grade Change policies and then click the checkbox: I acknowledge the policies governing grade change requests.
  • Click the Submit