Confirmation Rosters

  • Following online registration, ACP will generate confirmation rosters for each course. This roster lists all students who successfully registered through ACP for dual credit.
  • Confirmation rosters will be uploaded to the school’s shared folder on the SharePoint platform and ACP contacts will be directed to download and distribute to the ACP instructor for each course.
  • Instructors are directed to have students provide a signature beside their name and beneath either the ‘Yes – College Credit’ column or ‘No – College Credit’ column to confirm intent to earn dual credit for course or to request removal from the IU roster.
    • Students indicating ‘No – College Credit’ will be administratively removed from IU roster with no grade reported to IU transcript and no tuition charged.
  • Students who were unable to register successfully but who wish to earn dual credit are instructed to add their name, email, and signature to the Add Request page included with each roster.
    • Eligible students requesting enrollment will be added to the IU roster administratively.
  • Once complete, rosters should be returned to ACP as an email attachment or may be uploaded to the shared folder by the school’s ACP contact.
  • All confirmation rosters should be returned no later than the stated deadline unless extension approved by ACP.