Expectations of school contacts

Expectations of ACP school contacts

The following expectations must be met by all ACP school contacts:

  1. Serve as a liaison between ACP and the high school, the instructors, the students, and parents regarding ACP administration and communication.
  2. Set up IU Affiliate status/IU login credentials to have access to IU SharePoint platform and other ACP resources protected by IU security and requiring IU login.
  3. Complete and return confirmed list of ACP course offerings to be offered at high school each academic year by posted deadline.
  4. Review, collect appropriate signature, and return Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ACP and high school each academic year by posted deadline.
  5. Be knowledgeable of ACP policies regarding student eligibility, course prerequisites, class size restrictions, and term duration.
  6. Notify ACP of any changes in personnel resulting in new/departing ACP contact or ACP instructor.
  7. Advise students regarding earning dual credit through ACP (eligibility, course prerequisites, rigor, cost, enrollment deadlines, drop/withdraw policies, IU transcript, etc.).
  8. Use ACP provided template to provide student data for ALL students enrolled to take an ACP eligible course during the academic year/specific term regardless of whether student will earn dual credit for that course or not.
  9. Upload completed student data spreadsheet to shared folder on IU SharePoint platform by posted deadline.
  10. Upload new or overlooked student data as necessary.
  11. Respond to ACP inquiries regarding student/instructor/course information in a timely manner.
  12. Assist students with online registration by either directing students to contact ACP, or, by contacting ACP on the student’s behalf when issues are encountered.
  13. Access and distribute ACP confirmation rosters to instructors following online registration.
  14. Collect and return confirmation rosters to ACP via email or upload to SharePoint folder once rosters have been signed by students by stated deadline.
  15. Notify ACP regarding changes to student’s high school/ACP enrollment status (e.g., Early graduation, medical emergency, departure from high school, schedule change).
  16. Sign counselor portion of student withdraw request form and forward finished form to ACP for processing by stated deadlines.