Getting set up as a new ACP school contact

IU affiliate status #

When a new person takes over as ACP contact for a school, the first order of business is to set that person up as an IU affiliate. An affiliate is someone who is not an IU student or employee but is affiliated with the university and needs access to university resources and computing systems. Once the ACP contact has been granted affiliate status and has created IU login credentials, ACP can grant access to the high school’s shared folder housed on the IU SharePoint platform as well as to other IU applications currently in development.

New ACP school contacts should contact to obtain the form needed to begin the affiliate process.

Creating your IU IT account #

Once the new contact has been granted affiliate status, they will be notified by ACP to create an IU IT account. Doing so will provide the contact with IU login credentials as well as an IU email address. To setup IU IT account:

  1. ACP will email the contact and provide their unique University ID number (UID). The contact should make note of their UID and keep this information accessible.
  2. Navigate to the IU Starterkit.
  3. Follow the steps for account creation and DUO setup. (DUO Mobile is an app that will need to be uploaded to the contact’s phone or device and is used as a 2nd step authentication step during login).
  4. Continue through process until a "Process complete" message is received. Do not close screen until this message is received.
  5. If a "Time Out" error message is received, the contact must start the process over.
  6. The IU IT account requires a 24 hour processing period before the credentials can be successfully used to login to IU systems.
  7. Contacts need to record their UID, IU username, and IU email address ( for their records. Passphrases for IU Affiliate Accounts should never be recorded in an insecure location or shared with anyone other than their owner.
  8. Contact to report IU username. ACP will grant access to shared folder on the IU SharePoint platform.

Should it be necessary, the IU passphrase can be reset. To do so:

  1. Open the IU Account Passphrase Reset tool
  2. Enter your IU Username.
  3. Click the "I don’t know my passphrase" button.
  4. Enter last name, date of birth, and UID number.
  5. Follow online instructions to reset passphrase.

Once reset, the passphrase should be available for use within minutes, if not immediately.

Accessing your school's folder on IU Sharepoint #

Each ACP partner high school has a shared folder with ACP housed on the IU SharePoint platform. This folder is used as a secure means of sharing sensitive student data between the high school and ACP as well as a platform to house important documents the contact may need to reference during the term, e.g. MOU, course offering list, signed confirmation rosters.

Once given access, ACP will send an email to the contact’s IU email address providing a link to the shared folder. The contact will use this link each time access to the shared folder is needed, therefore, the message should be saved somewhere the contact can access it easily.

To access the shared folder:

  1. Open your IU email by visiting and logging in with your IU affiliate account credentials and DUO.

    Note: Login credentials may be requested again at this time before the email account is opened.

  2. Click the link provided in the email message.

    Tip: In the Exchange inbox, if the cursor is hovered over the email title, a group of icons appear to the right side of the unopened email including an icon that resembles a push pin. Clicking this icon will cause the message to be pinned to the top of the inbox and kept there until removed. It is suggested that contacts pin the message containing the link to the SharePoint folder in this manner for easier retrieval when the link is needed.

  3. Sharepoint should open and the folder labeled with the high school name should be visible on the screen and accessible to the contact.

Note: The link provided in the ACP email is the only path to the shared folder. Using the SharePoint task tile on the One.IU dashboard will lead to the contact’s personal space on SharePoint but will not include the high school’s shared folder.