Registration Tutorial for Your Students

Every student identified by the designated ACP school contact to be in an ACP course will receive a message with a link to Registering for your ACP Course sent to the student's email address provided by the school. Students will see the steps below directing them how to create an IU IT account and enroll in the ACP course for IU credit.

Students must create an IU IT account before they will be able to register. To assist students in creating their IU IT account, please complete Assignment Zero in-class. After Assignment Zero is complete and/or students have successfully created their IU IT accounts, you may move onto assisting them with registration using the steps below.

Step 1: Requirements and responsibilities #

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Since I will be in at least one ACP class this year that offers the option to enroll for IU course credit, do I understand that if I enroll in the course, I will be responsible to pay for the tuition and fees?
  • ...that according to the syllabus, my IU grade could be different than my high school grade for the course?
  • ...that the credits and course grade for the course will become part of my post-secondary transcript?
  • ...that the course can be transferred to many colleges and universities?
  • ...and am I prepared to apply the time and effort needed to complete the same assignments and gain the same knowledge that a college undergraduate student uses to successfully complete the course?

Once you can answer yes to these questions, go to the next step.

Step 2: Setting up your IU IT account #

If you already have your IU IT Account, go to Step 3

  • Begin by opening the email from containing your University ID number (UID). If you do not know your 10-digit UID, use the University ID number and username lookup tool.
  • Open the IU Starterkit.
  • Follow the steps for account creation and Duo setup.
  • You will receive a "Process Complete" message once you are finished with the IU IT account setup

Step 3: Enrolling for IU credit using the ACP online registration process #


When enrollment is open, the ACP office will send you an email notification to your email account that your school has provided.

Listen to the instructions in the video below before clicking on the button to start ACP Online Registration.



Access ACP online registration