Online and AI Teaching Tools

Online teaching tools and resources #

IU's Keep Teaching website has many resources to help you get up to speed and transition your course online:

Keep Teaching website

External tools available in Canvas #

You can access a list of external tools (also called LTI tools, LTI apps, or external apps) that have been reviewed and approved for use at Indiana University on the IU Knowledge Base. Most are available in all Canvas courses, but some are restricted by campus, school, or department to comply with licensing agreements or other constraints. Review the IU Knowledge Base article to make sure the tool you plan to use is available on your IU campus.

External tools available in Canvas

As an instructor, if you use an application managed by a vendor with whom IU does not have a contract, and it collects protected student data, you may be subject to sanctions, according to university policy Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties (DM-02). If your intended use will collect any FERPA -protected data in a third-party tool, do not use it before working through appropriate institutional offices to get a contract with the service. For guidance, see Cloud resources for teaching and/or consult your campus teaching and learning center.

How to Productively Address AI-Generated Text in Your Classroom #

News about ChatGPT and its text-generating capabilities have been sweeping across higher education, raising questions about what AI-powered text generators mean to learning, writing, and academic integrity in our classes. There is potential that some students may misuse these AI tools, misrepresenting AI-generated text as their own, but there is also great potential for how this technology can transform teaching and learning. This page is intended to provide some ideas on how we can engage with this emerging technology in productive and pedagogically sound ways.

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